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The new atmosphere of the meeting

With the rapid development of economy, people's living environment changes at times, soil erosion, rocky landslides, greenhouse effect, desertification, ozone damage and so on, so we have to admit that the protection of the environment without delay.

Fortunately, the people of the environmental awareness is growing. Recently, I believe many people receive a notice of the meeting, will find a small change, the meeting notice in addition to the meeting time, place, content, etc., the end of the notice there is a striking warm tips: Cup ". Many people on this "meeting comes with a cup" approach are applauded.

Some people think that a bottle of mineral water, a paper cup worthless money, "comes with a cup" is a stingy behavior, insignificant, there is no effect.However, from the environmental point of view, this move is very meaningful, a meeting to save dozens of bottles of water, dozens of paper cups, that ten meetings, hundreds of meetings? A year down, you can save the number of plastic bottles, save the number of cups! In fact, environmental protection is from me to start, from small things to start, add up. Self-contained cups can reduce the use of many plastic bottles and reduce the pollution to the atmosphere.Can also reduce the use of disposable paper cups, to prevent trees deforestation.