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Love children treasure Weapon: how to identify true and false insulation Cup

Winter is coming, most people like to put a cup of hot tea in the winter hot tea, drive away the winter chill, that winter for what to drink tea ? Today for you to introduce five suitable for winter drink tea, make you taste Health is correct Oh ~

1, Astragalus black tea

Astragalus is sweet, with qi and sun, to reconcile the spleen and stomach, lungs Sheng Jin, expectorant effect, Huangqi black tea for the spleen and stomach, self-sweating night sweats, lack of inflation, ulcer is not broken, detoxification detoxification. Effective qi and stomach, can improve the symptoms of physical weakness. On the central nervous system, cardiovascular benefit, there is antihypertensive effect, but also diuretic, anti-virus, anti-aging, anti-tumor and so on.