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Jiangxi Nuo De Medical Devices Co., Ltd. was established in January 6, 2009, is committed to the gynecology and reproductive health field of professional disposable medical equipment company. At the beginning of the establishment, that is, "excellent quality, excellent service" for the purpose, and vigorously serve the Chinese market, and strive to bring health and happiness to people.

The company on May 8, 2009 to obtain medical equipment production license, the product mainly includes all the specifications of the one-time use of uterine tissue to attract the tube and suits, one-time use of the flow package, take the needle, etc., there are 3,000 square meters of 100,000 Level clean workshop to meet the production needs, and ready to Nanchang National Hi-Tech Development Zone to establish a larger production base, the company in September 8, 2010 made the first product registration card. Has registered two major categories of products 10 specifications, and another three kinds of products to declare, five products have been in development. Companies focus on the development of independent intellectual property rights, protection, has now made eight patents, more technical patent applications. The company now has "Nordisk", "Ya Jie" two own registered trademark brand. In the medical device industry brand awareness is getting higher and higher.

Companies in March 2010 to become the Jiangxi Medical Device Industry Association, the first director of the unit, the current medical device industry in Jiangxi Province is playing a more important and more active role.

Companies in June 2011 through the national medical equipment GMP quality management standards audit, the domestic medical device industry as the first batch of GMP management through the review of one of the enterprises. In the country's new strict quality management standards, more proactive to enhance product quality, excellence, to ensure the safety of hospital clinical supplies, to do a rich sense of social responsibility of the enterprise.

Company management practices, people-oriented, have a good atmosphere, the greatest degree of talent to create the most talent to play the platform. The company has always been talented, "commitment to words, Yun Tak line" is the company's usual requirements.